Our Philosophy

We recognize that children have a natual drive that inspired them to reach their potential.

Montessori environment stimulates their inherent love of learning, which gives them the opportunity to engage in meaningful activities with proper balance of autonomy.

About Us

The Montessori Learning Center of Ventura was founded in 1985. We offer programs for students from two to 9 years of age. As an authentic Montessori school, our curriculum and programs are designed to build a strong foundation in academics, as well as social, emotional, physical and moral development. This approach encourages a child’s independence, self motivation, confidence and decision making skills.


To create a safe learning environment where children learn joyfully through the Montessori Method, under the guidance of a nurturing, professional staff.

Our Goals

  • Happy, well-rounded students who excel in academics, social and artistic areas and are in harmony with themselves and therefore with each other.
  • A professional staff who share their talents in academics, art, music and languages, etc.
  • A school where excellence in all areas is the aim for each child, according to each one’s talent and potential.
  • An environment conducive to learning and dedicated to creating a kinder, gentler generation.
  • To help each child gain wisdom through experience and knowledge.
  • To provide a nurturung, learning environment.

Child Centered Learning

Montessori emphasizes careful preparation of environment that responds to the specific needs and tendencies of children at each stage of development. These prepared environments are sensitively created and maintained by internationally trained teachers to provide optimum conditions for independent activity and full development of individual potential. Here children are drawn toward purposeful work and are able to work with concentration for extended periods of time.

High Quality Staff

We offer internationally certified teachers who have completed extensive training and maintain a high teacher to student ratio to meet the individual needs of each child.

The Montessori Classroom

Our classrooms are designed to stimulate the child’s natural curiosity to explore the world around them. The classrooms are fully equipped with age-appropriate Montessori materials and an engaging outdoor playground.

Secure Learning Environment

Our primary consideration in the design of our programs, policies and facilities is, our children’s safety. Your child will feel secure and comfortable in every class.

Family Flexibility

We offer before and after school care educational programs 9:00 a.m - 2:30 p.m or 9:00 a.m to noon for preschool through elementary aged children. We also offer part time summer programs.

We offer

  1. Pre-School, Kindergarten, 1st - 4th Grade
  2. Hybrid or Blended Program that combines classroom education with out-of-class work.(At home)
  3. Small Classes
  4. Individual Attention
  5. Montessori Manipulatives
  6. Phonics starting in Pre-School
  7. Mathematics, English, Geometry, Botany, Geography, Spanish, Science, Zoology, etc.
  8. Extra Curricular Activities include Music, Ballet, and Gymnastics. Teachers specialize in dance, music and yoga.
  9. Curriculum - CA State Standards and Beyond
  10. Hours of Operation: 7 am - 6 pm

What sets Montessori Apart

Montessori Traditional
Emphasis on cognitive developmentEmphasis on social development
Mainly individual instructionsMainly group instructions
Mixed age groupsSame age groups
Child works his/her own paceGroup sets instructional pace
Environment and methos encourage self disciplineTeacher acts as enforcer of discipline