Our Philosophy

We recognize that children have a natual drive that inspired them to reach their potential.

Montessori environment stimulates their inherent love of learning, which gives them the opportunity to engage in meaningful activities with proper balance of autonomy.

Elementary (Ages 5yrs and Older)

Montessori Learning Center lays a solid foundation for your child's future.

The years from 6 are relatively stable and main academic work is conducted during this time using body and mind. Beginning at 6years of age, a great transformation takes place. The child wants to explore the world. He or she becomes in interested in learning about meaningful roles in society, the history of universe, the world, humans, religions, different cultures, etc. It is the time to use mind to explore all areas of knowledge, to begin conducting research and to develop creative ways of processing and exploring.The Montessori Elementary curriculum consists of Arithmatic, Reading, Creative writing, Note taking, Hisory, Social Studies, Geometry, Cooking, Gardening, Arts & Crafts, Music, Algebra, etc. The Montessori Elementary teacher gives individual lesson in all academic areas, and guides the child's research.

Children exposed to this amazing span of work and variety of subject, easily meet the State Curriculum requirements. Montessori provides an advantage by serving as a solid educational foundation in academic as well as life principles.